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After years of trying different things to my hair, I just figured heat styling was always going to be something I had to do to make my hair presentable. I tried different haircuts, treatments, colours, brands of shampoos and products with little to no difference as a result. It’s not that I thought these brands and products were bad, I just felt that on my hair, I would get the same results from $6 shampoo and conditioner from the supermarket.

We all want that gorgeous, lavish hair we see the girls on Instagram with. How does it get so long?! It’s so thick! Beautiful hair certainly is a sign of health and beauty.

I must say, I’ve never had bad hair – I’ve just always been used to having that hair that needs some smoothing or styling before leaving the house due to it being so thick and even sometimes course.

A few months ago after getting my hair trimmed, I thought I would invest in a nice hair hair mask from a brand which I had never tried hair products from – Shu Uemura. I have tried their beauty and skincare products and have been happy with and enjoyed using them, so naturally I was pretty excited to try their hair care range.

All I can say is, this stuff works.

It’s even better when I do a weekly deep treatment and get out of the shower, put a shower cap on and let it penetrate the hair for about 20 minutes. My hair has been the best it has ever been in my whole life since discovering this masque. With that being said, when I ran out of product, I went out and repurchased  and got a shampoo as well.

The products are a bit pricey ($68 for a masque and $48 for a shampoo), but I think a lot of girls don’t see the benefit in investing in quality hair products because I guess we can all get blow dries, keratin treatments, extensions and what not… but the whole point of these hair experiences is to have our hair appear to be naturally thick, smooth, manageable and beautiful.

So, why spend all that time and money on faking it when you can actually have it naturally? Not to mention the fact that the less you do to your hair, the faster and fuller it will grow.

And if you don’t have lengthy hair?

It doesn’t matter if you are keeping it short because that’s your style, or you are growing it out – keep it nourished and well-looked-after and it will develop and maintain a shine, lustre and body it wouldn’t otherwise have. Healthy hair is a massive external sign of beauty and many people work so hard on achieving beautiful locks!

My Hair Tips

  • Invest in some good hair care or at least a quality hair masque
  • Only use semi permanent hair dye
  • Get all hair colour and cuts done at the salon ONLY
  • Vitamins work so take them!
  • Avoid getting too many layers at the salon. I made this mistake a few years ago. Remember… less is more.
  • Avoid using heat on the hair as much as possible… get creative and search for heatless styling methods!
  • If you constantly straighten your hair, consider a keratin treatment as to minimise heat styling
  • Get regular trims. There is nothing worse than hair of any length with ratty and thin ends

What are your holy grail hair products/hacks?


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