Figure Flattering Daytime Fashion + Cute Sydney Cafe Discovery

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I think it’s a bit intimidating or daunting to wear an outfit in the day that is quite trendy or shows off your figure. Maybe it’s the city I live in and the casual culture here in Sydney, but the majority of women here go out sans makeup during the day in their exercise clothes or jeans and a t-shirt. It is only when there is a fancy lunch or an event where you might see women in their 20’s wearing something eye-grabbing.

Sure you can wear whatever you want whenever you please, but usually when I do, I feel people’s eyes on me wondering where it is I’m going or what it is I’ve gotten ‘dressed up’ for. I wonder if that’s just the culture here?

Don’t get me wrong, I do love wearing my casual clothes and being simple. But I wonder how girls can dress stylishly and in clothes which accentuate their figure in the daytime, without feeling overdressed.

I think it can be a little more intimidating as well when you have a curvy figure like myself. I was wearing this tight black cropped t-shirt (Kookai), velvet feel mini-skirt (Topshop) and little heeled velvet ankle boots (Betts) and although I feel this is a super cute outfit combination, as it is quite short and figure-hugging, I do admit I felt a bit exposed…

Does anyone else get this feeling when they ‘dress up’ during the day?

This week I explored the lower north shore of Sydney and visited a cafe I had seen some super lovely photos of over Instagram. This cafe is called Celsius Coffee Co (previously named Anvil Coffee & Co) and is right on Kirribilli Wharf. It is a small cafe right on top of the water with delicious food and great photo opportunities.

I think this place is quite popular with their waffles as I saw a lot of people ordering them and a lot of posted waffle photos, so of course we had to see if they were worth the hype.

The waffles are so tasty and definitely a treat. They come with beautiful edible flowers as a garnish as well. Unlike most waffles, these are not heavy and covered in chocolate sauce and ice cream, but they have a generous amount of maple syrup and some home made peanut butter – still not something to have on the Weight Watchers diet, but maybe on your treat day lol.

Apart from the waffles which we shared, I ordered a wagyu beef burger (and ate everything except the buns because, well, I still want to fit into my clothes) and my friend ordered one of the breakfast variations. Both of us were super satisfied with the food, coffee and juice here. The staff are also very friendly and don’t make you feel uncomfortable when you’re having a mini photoshoot in their little cafe lol. I think they know this place is great for getting those Instagram photos haha.


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