HOW TO: Increase and Improve your social life for more opportunities!

A lot of people I speak to often mention how they envy the life of some of those we see on social media platforms. They seem to have it all – shopping, lots of friends, dinners, holidays, events… the list goes on and we’ve all seen it by now.

Sometimes I’ll find myself wondering (I’m sure you have too) why can’t I have that life? But the truth is, as I often have to remind myself the only way to have a better social life is to get off your ass and make it happen. I’ve met a few people in my life who wish for more friends, a better social life, to meet new people etc yet they always have any excuse as to why they can’t go out and work for it. Just like your job and your university degree, even your social and personal life requires work and dedication! No one will just walk up to you in the street in any country and just invite you to fun events, make plans to go travelling with you or even introduce you to their circle – remember that!

Life isn’t some movie and nobody is so special that they will receive invitations for social events, better lives or opportunities in the mail by just sitting on their asses.

Change Your Lifestyle

  • Go Outside: Do you visit a cafe/restaurant/bar in your city etc at least once a week with a friend or your current group? If not, WHY?! These are perfect places to just be outside where other people are and who knows, you may potentially meet new people this way.

    Be outdoors more and in situations and places where you think people you would like to meet would hang out. Sure it might seem like a long shot that you’ll find your new social circle or lover by going to dinner or coffee, but it sure makes it more possible than sitting at home looking slouchy every single night.

When I go out, I see so many interesting people whether it be at hotels, restaurants, bars etc. Some old friends of friends of mine often met each other this way too so coming from personal experience, I highly recommend you get out there.

Keep Up Appearances 

  • Dress/Look The Part: This one is self explanatory however certain cities and countries have different norms I guess. For example, Australia is a very relaxed country and not many people go out during the day dressed in heels with their hair and makeup done to perfection. With this being said, it’s always easier to go out in daggy clothes or exercise gear. This is fine but if you want to change your lifestyle, dress better!!! I don’t mean go out and look crazy with sky high heels and a dress that doesn’t suit the atmosphere or place you are in. I mean go shopping, look for more ‘smart casual’ clothes, outfits and shoes. Examples are day dresses, sandals, nice pants…

I know it might sound shallow, but think of your current standards: when you go out, it’s only natural to look at what everyone else looks like and what they are wearing. Sometimes we admire and other times we think “oh god I’d never wear that/wear my hair like that/act like that”. Be someone you would want to hang out with.

Not only will you look better and more polished, but you will feel more motivated too. I remember being little and always dreaming about being in my 20-somethings wearing lovely clothes, as I am sure a lot of you did as well.  Don’t waste these years in your sweats!


A Social Butterfly – BE ONE!

  • Be a Socialite: Have you ever been in a situation where someone has given you their contact details and you’ve not really done much with these details? You’ve convinced yourself they aren’t that great or they don’t fit this picture in your head of what is ‘ideal’? I think most people have – I am guilty of it too.  What harm is a bit of conversation and getting to know someone? Besides, if you were in a social environment where you would like to meet someone, ding ding ding this is the perfect opportunity to get to know someone in that scene.

Send them a text/email or reply to their message! It doesn’t have to be much. Just a short hello and mention of how it was nice to meet them. From there, see how it goes! Remember, it is a big world out there but it is can also be a lonely one. Maybe not everyone you meet will be right for you, but if you turn everyone down and don’t give people a chance, you may miss out on some amazing relationships and opportunities.

Instagram is your friend too!

  • Photos and Social Media: So this one might sound pretty shallow but in todays society, you would have to be living under a rock if you didn’t know that social media has a pretty big influence on people – Instagram in particular.  A good habit to get into with your current friend/s is to practice taking beautiful pictures of each other and making your Instagram feeds look amazing.  A lot of people have received opportunities via Instagram – whether that be via brand sponsorships or even making connections. Tip: use hashtags and always add the location of where the picture was taken!


Have Hobbies

  • Make an active effort to explore your hobbies and interests: This could be the gym, learning a language or even finding new books to read or doing short courses.

Put some time into the activities you hope to share with the people you desire to meet and put yourself in situations where such people will be.  Classes are especially good for this because it’s kind of required to speak to people who are in the same class as you, whereas the gym can be visited without having to even look at a person let alone speak to them.

You might think that it’s dorky or weird at this age to sign yourself up for a class by yourself but I think it’s quite the opposite. I admire people who look after their hobbies! Besides, the number one thing to remember in this is unless  you take chances and get out of your comfort zone, don’t expect any drastic changes to happen in your life!



 What are some ways in which you have met friends or what do you recommend doing to broaden your circle?

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